Blogging about the life as a PhD student with focus on reproducible research.

About the author ...

Martin Isaksson

Martin is an Industrial PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology within the division of Computer and Software System, and Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research under the supervision of Seif Haridi (KTH, RISE), Šarūnas Girdzijauskas (KTH, RISE), Daniel Gillblad (AI Sweden, Chalmers) and industry expert Rickard Cöster (Ericsson AB). Martin has a degree of Master of Science in Engineering Physics and Communication from Chalmers University of Technology and has spent more than a decade at Ericsson in various positions, presently at Ericsson Research.

Martin's research is deeply rooted in the practical and theoretical aspects of deploying and automating Artificial Intelligence functions, particularly within the complex and ever-evolving landscape of distributed Radio Access Network environments. As a researcher and engineer, Martin's expertise spans across federated learning, machine learning, and the intricacies of wireless communication networks. His recent publications have introduced methods to enhance analog beamforming performance in the challenging millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency bands, tackling the intricate issue of non-independent and identically distributed data with ingenuity and academic rigor.

The work is partially supported by the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.